Our structure

Wanakaset Sri Lanka, Wanakaset Pyrenees Orientales, Wanakaset Panama and Wanakaset Tunisia are inspired by the Wanakaset movement, philosophy and practices developed by the late Pooyai Viboon Khemchalerm of Sanam Chaikhet, Chachoengsao, Thailand.

Our founders and members come from all walks of life. We are educators, academics, employees of small companies, school leavers, senior executives of very large multinationals, followers of the permaculture movement, students or school children having fun and working relentlessly whenever possible to turn this dream into a reality.

We also cannot deny that some of us are having fun competing with each other to bring together the largest collection of fruit trees on the planet. A renown botanist described our collection of fruit trees as “remarkable”.

We are aiming for a so called “Perennial Crop Based Agroforestry System” with a strong focus on fruit trees, edible leaves trees, medicinal trees, wood and canopy trees. Some also use the terminology “Perma-Forest”, which probably describes us best.

We believe in diversity and inclusiveness, be it as humans working together, competing against each other or as a forest with living organisms doing pretty much the same. Extraordinary diversity brings its share of extraordinary challenges with it, but those who have the patience and tolerance for diversity are rewarded with extraordinary wealth.