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Are you eating fruits? Keep the seeds and help them germinate at home!
Do not wait another day. You can actively and distinctively participate in growing our Sri Lankan forest cover and its biodiversity by supporting the germination of every seed of every fruit you consume and nurture them until they are ready to be planted in Wanakaset’s Kitulgala forest. When you do so, for every stay of one week or more at Wanakaset’s Kitulgala property, you will enjoy up to 10 Dollar discount per person for every 10 trees planted by each member of your group capped at 150 dollar per stay of one week or more. READ MORE

COVID 19: Wanakaset commits

Considering the travel restrictions and the confinement measures undertaken in Sri Lanka to reduce everyone’s exposure and most importantly those vulnerable to COVID 19, Wanakaset commits to refund all down payments made directly to Wanakaset for those whose stay cannot be legitimately consumed. We are also committed to reschedule bookings to the next available period. For now, look after yourself and others.

Those who booked through travel agents and other booking platforms need to contact them directly.

Wanakaset Panama’s new shade house at last

Our objective: collect all the fruit trees available, sow their seeds, nurse them and then plant them on the beautiful Wanakaset Panama property. A special project aiming at collecting the largest variety of medicinal plants with a group of indigenous people is also shaping up nicely! More on this later.

Random Great Reasons to Plant Diverse Forests

Why do we need trees? Why are they important and why do we need to plant more? We collected 30 good reasons to do so over the past decade. Here is the list, help us make it to a hundred and connect with us on Facebook with your additions. READ MORE

Oxford-Wanakaset scolarships

In addition to the Wanakaset Environmental Research Scholarships granted last year through Linacre College, Oxford, we are also very pleased to confirm the Wanakaset Oxford Women’s scholarship and support gender balance in business and social entreprises. READ MORE



Earth’s Primary Ecosystem Services Restoration

Explained in 80+ Great Reasons to Plant Diverse Feeding Forests 

As promised, we managed to use the Primary Ecosystem Services Nomenclature with some twist. Some reasons to plant trees can unequivocally be economically quantifiable today, some will be unequivocally economically quantifiable soon and some are intuitive or need further scientific evidence or a shift in our way of being to understand the value. Note that Galileo, Einstein and Da Vinci had some intuitions that turned out pretty cool! “E pur se muove!” READ MORE