Wanakaset rewards tomorrow those who sow seeds today!

Starting from 1st of November 2020, Wanakaset gives you the opportunity to spend a week or more at a discount in our property in Kitulgala, a rare property nested on the hills of the Kilani river.

How? By eating the most diverse variety of fruits!

Keep those seeds, work on their germination and nurse them with love. If you succeed, in six months or so, you will have a nice collection of a diverse fruit tree seedlings in your home. Sooner or later, it will be time to think about where to plant them.

Wanakaset is offering you the opportunity to plant those seedlings and benefit from up to 10 dollar discount on your stay per person and for every 10 trees planted by each member of your group. The more you sow the less you pay.

How does it work in practice?

Let’s assume you are a group of 15 people planning to spend a week or more at Wanakaset property. Let’s assume each of you bring along 10 diverse fruit tree seedlings. The group will therefore bring 150 seedlings and will benefit from a discount of 150 dollars.

You have no idea how to germinate a seed?

Do not worry, we also started this way 20 years ago! Internet is an amazing tool and almost everything has been shared on “How to germinate” by both professionals and hobby gardeners so just google it!

We only have one condition

Your collection must be diversified and in good health. In essence, each tree must be of a different variety. This is an example of a diverse fruit tree bouquet (not exhaustive): (1) coconut, (2) avocado, (3) durian, (4) mango, (5) cocoa, (6) pomelo, (7) guava, (8) lemon, (9) jackfruit, (10) mangosteen.

Can I travel with seedlings?

Of course you can! Some care is needed for packing and for transportation by car but we and our Wanakaset members did this for decades! Any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Take action and co-create a diverse feeding forest!

Turn the Covid-19 confinement at home into a unique opportunity to start now. Do not succumb to the collective anxiety and psychosis and germinate what and all you can the best you can today and we will have seedlings, trees and fruits tomorrow.

The more you share #WanakasetChallenge, the more you will encourage others to stay home and work on germinating the seeds consumed. Please also share your photos and experiences, your tricks, failures and success stories on our Facebook page and let others learn from your experience.