Wanakaset in Sri Lanka

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Wanakaset Guarantee Limited was incorporated on 13th of January 2013 as a company Limited by Guarantee under Number GL 2226 pursuant to the Company Act, no, 7 of 2007 of the Democratic Socialist Republic Of Sri Lanka. Wanakaset Guarantee Limited is a non-for-profit organization exclusively funded by membership and donations. It is located in the rain forest of Kitulgala, Sri Lanka on the banks of Kilani River with a breathtaking view of the Kitulgala valley, its tea plantation and amazing forest. The Kilani river is also where The Bridge on The River Kwai movie was shot but is mostly known for its white water rafting and bird watching.

The property features a new purpose built Teak Wood cottage of around 400 square meters with seven rooms, a very large meeting space but also two bamboo houses built with local bamboo and adobe walls. The property has an altitude ranging from 400 to 600 meters and is surrounded by rocks and hills that characterize the region. The Wanakaset project objective is to develop an ecologically balanced environment over the 20 acres of forest available.

A place of abundance with healthy soil, biodiversity, rare, extinct or exotic fruits trees, herbs, edible plants and other products that can be harvested sustainably to feed the many inhabitants on the property. The proposed activities can range from planting trees, to preparing terraces and other areas for planting, caring for trees and other plants or clearing paths, maintaining buildings and terrace walls but also mountain biking, white water rafting, treasure hunting, Yoga, etc...